Reeves County Well Production

I just received my 1st Royalty check for a recently drilled well in Reeves. The Bbl Volume seems exceptionally high from what i can make out. For the 1st three months it was 19,900, 17,350, and 16,487. From every thing I have read, these numbers seem to be about 20x what i would have thought. I am obviously missing something, can someone set me straight?



Depending on area, 650 BOPD could be considered slightly below average of what they are getting in Reeves these days.

Thanks Wade. I knew I was looking at this wrong. This well is in block 1 section 12. Do you think 650 bopd is enough to keep drilling? What iwould avg volume be for this area?

How much gas and water production? Those are big factors.

Yeah, Fred...650 barrels of oil per day is about par for producing horizontal wells in Reeves county, especially

in the southern Delaware. That's easily enough incentive for other oil and gas exploration companies to pursue

developing more wells on your property. If they can expect to make $32,500 per day on oil alone, that will

pay for drilling multiple wells and leave a handsome profit for their investors. The gas production will make up the difference so each location will make them a $Million per month after deductions. That's plenty of incentive.