Reeves County TX Questions- values and mineral rights?

Hello Everyone,

We purchased 2 different 10 acres parcels in Reeves County over 10 years ago when land prices were very cheap. Over the years we have had a few contacts regarding offers to allow a right of way for a pipeline. We never pursued either offer as we didn't know what we would eventually do with the land. I have seen a lot of posts about Mineral Rights, but not really sure how that works. On our paperwork nothing is mentioned about Mineral Rights, so don't know if we even have any or how to find out if we own them or if someone else does? Also we are considering selling at least one of the parcels and have no clue on what the going rate for 10 acres tracts are. If anyone can give some insight on where to start on learning about possible mineral rights, and or values right now that would be great. Here are the legal descriptions:

Blk: 13 Tract: 190 AB 3619 BLK 13 SEC 190 H&GNSW/4 OF NE/4 OF SW/4

Blk: 55-7 Tract: 1 AB 118 BLK 55-7 SEC 1 T&PNE/4 SE/4 SE/4

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give.