Reeves County Texas - Mineral Rights Lease/Purchase Help

Can anyone help with this? I recently received a letter with an offer to lease or purchase mineral rights of property that I own in Reeves County Texas. Can anyone offer direction to find out what the value is on this property?

The legal description is - All of section 23, Block C-15, PSL, containing 682.0 acres of land, more or less, Reeves County Texas.

I have been told that it is in or near the Alpine High region of Reeves County.

Thank you

Ann - That's a tough one to value due to limited production in that area right now. That tract is in Apache's announced Alpine High play but that play is still unproven. The acreage definitely won't bring the kind of offers you see for other parts of the county to the east. Have you received an offer?

Marcus, I have received an offer for lease and purchase. I have been told they are both low. In fact, very low. This is one of the reasons I am trying to find out as much as I can before making any decisions.


Ann, I can look that up for you and tell you.

Do you own 100% of the entire 640?

You can research on twitter, and my podcasts are set up on about your mineral management.

Feel free to email me at or call

Are you wanting to lease?

Are you wanting to sell?