Reeves County Texas - Lease/Purchase Offer - Direction Help

I have recently received a letter from a mineral lease and/or purchase procuring company. It has offered to lease or purchase mineral rights that I own. The mineral rights property is in Reeves County Texas. My research is showing that the offer/s are very low. I am looking for help/directions to find out how this company concluded the amount of mineral property of a rather large tract of land that I own.

I have the legal description of the property and have contacted the Reeves County clerk's office, as well as done much reading about my rights as an owner. However, I am at a standstill now as to where to turn to get more answers about pursuing this offer.

Anyone who can take a moment to help will be most appreciated, even if it is to ask me questions about my situation.

Thank you,


Ann - If the offer is low I'd do like I do all the time and throw it in the trash without any further thought. What is the legal description of your tract? There might be someone on the forum who has leased or sold near you who can give you some advice.

Marcus, Thank you.

The legal description is - All of section 23, Block C-15, PSL, containing 682.0 acres of land, more or less, Reeves County Texas.

I have one document stating the general area of the property to be in the Jaguar area of Reeves County. I have also been told that it is in or near the Alpine region of Reeves County.