Reeves County Texas - Deleware Basin - Alpine High - Bone Springs

I have been researching and having conversations about mineral property I own in the subject line description. I have been receiving offers to purchase and lease. It has been suggested that I post my question here. I can provide the legal description to someone I trust to truly help.

The numbers I have been receiving are wide - from very low to high. I'm certain I will need to hire an attorney, but can anyone suggest a direction to go regarding what will be in my best interest. I have learned that there are many out there who want to take advantage and is why I am working hard to educate myself about mineral property ownership and my rights.
Thank you

Hi Ann,

We have as well been receiving offers all over the place in price. If you don't mind me asking what Sections are you? I have reached out to Clint Liles on this site for advice he seems to know what he is talking about.

Ann and Liz, I’ll vouch for Clint Liles. I, too, came here knowing very little and this is the place to learn if you spend a large amount of time here and ask questions. It’s the best, safest place to get free advice I know of. Clint is a great guy, knows a lot, and helps lots of people on this forum. Good luck, Ladies. Linton

Thank you both