Reeves County Southern Delaware fault line

Does any one know where I can find public information on fault lines? Would a fault line scare away a mineral landman/operator; or simply lower the bonus? Thanks.

Fault traces are normally not public record. No universal site exists as a catalogue fir such information. Fault ID is based on seismic and drilling results. Some scattered fault data may be released but it is few and fat between.

Faults in areas where horizontal plays are being done are a huge factor since operators will obviously not want to drill any lateral that will cross a fault and subsequently get “out of zone”.

Often times, operators may have access to seismic to “see” any faulting and know what areas to avoid.

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You can do an internet search on “Southern Delaware basin fault maps”. There are various online images and student and government papers that are released to the public. One must add some geologic and geophysical knowledge to how to read the diagrams. Operators often have proprietary seismic information which they do not release.

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