Reeves county selling of NPRI interest

I have had offers for my NPRI interest in Reeves County but do not know what is a fair price. Please notify me of what is fair for areas in Section 4/blk c4 (361 acres); section 5 blk c4 (492 acres) and Section 16 C5 (640 acres). I might sell 1/2 my interest. I know there are tremendous horizontal wells all around these sections but I don't know the production. I read 880 barrels a day is an average well in Reeves. Please confirm.

thank you

Mrs Ecklund,

I would be happy to give you a fair and honest evaluation if you have not disposed of the interest already. Please PM me.

Kind Regards,

Hi Audrey,

Make sure you have an attorney for anything you do related to your minerals. Just some friendly advice.