Reeves County property

My family has been recently notified br a energy,resource & mineral group letting us know that we own a portion of Section 5, Block 4, HG&N Survey, Reeves County. This group is trying to buy this land ASAP. I f anyone can let us know what’s happening in this area we would really appreciate.

Mp 1721, At this time I see no new permits for new wells to be drilled in this area. There are numerous older vertical gas wells in Section 5 that are temporarily abandoned. Around the area are some very good oil/gas combination wells producing from the Wolfcamp formation. In the area there are also some older gas wells producing form the Fusselman formation. Some of the operators/oil companies in this area are Carrizo Permian. Arris Operating, PDC Permian, Cimarex Energy, Energen Resources, and Anadarko E & P.

This link is to production data on well 35685(next door to the West): Manipulate the beginning Date Range back to June 2017 (to view all production on this well) and click Submit.|2=11|3=2017|4=10|5=2018|103=49112|6=O|102=08|8=specificlease|204=district|9=dispdetails|10=0

GIS Map of Reeves County Section 5/Block 4/A-383 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

Do not move quickly just because of pressure. There have been leases in that area and you do not want to undervalue your minerals. Consider leasing instead of selling.

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I agree with TennisDaze. If they are telling you that there is a specific timeframe that you need to make a decision, then they are either not serious or are not being honest. If you are interested in selling at all they will not move and others will come. But if waiting for a potential lease is something you wish to pursue there could be opportunity for that as well.

It appears Carrizo is actively leasing this section and area. They took a number of these leases in 2019 and have some neighboring laterals drilled in adjacent sections.