Reeves County Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease


I am fairly new to this group so apologize if what I'm asking has already been covered in previous discussions.

My son and I own mineral rights in the following area:

The East Half (E/2) of Section 17, Block 54, Township 7S, T & P Ry. Co. Survey, Reeves County, Texas. The section contains approximately 345 acres of which we own 22.75 acres.

Our current lease is with Panther Energy Company. We have been receiving many phone calls and letters from other companies wanting to purchase our mineral rights. My son is the majority holder of the minerals and is not interested in selling, which is fine by me but I am wondering how we go about finding out what is happening, or will be happening (if anything), on this particular piece of land.

Thank you in advance for any guidance or assistance this group can provide.


Lori L.

You can monitor activity using Texas RRC online tools.

This is a link to a horizontal well permitted by Panther on your se... ction. Use the vertically oriented magnification slide bar in the upper left corner of the tan colored part of the map to zoom out a bit to for a clearer picture. Empty circles are permitted wells. Solid green circles are producing wells. Atop the map, there is an Identify icon [circumscribed "i"]. Click on that and choose "wells". Then when you click on a well on the map, information about the well/well permit will be displayed in a pop up window. Note that Panther has a producing horizontal well just a few hundred feet to the west of your permitted well.

The RRC also has a Permits page showing permitted wells. Choose Reeves and a date range.

This is a good area. Smart to not sell unless you have to. I believe your lease was part of the sale earlier this year from Panther to RKI Exploration. RKI appears to be the operator now. They drilled the Sarge 17 well on the West Half of this Section back in February. It was permitted as a horizontal but seems they only drilled vertical on it. (Could be wrong). Not much production info for this well other than it produced 541 barrels of oil in May and nothing since.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!