Reeves County Mineral Lease offered

My three brothers and I each own .8333333 net mineral acres in SE/4 of Section 136, Block 13, H&GN RR Survey. We have been contacted and made a proposal to lease the mineral rights that we own.

How do I find out what the comps in the area are going for?

We appreciate any help.

Thank You,

Sharon R.

It can vary quite a bit. Our acreage about 8 miles south of you in Block 13 leased earlier this year for $3000 per nma. Our acreage in Block 8 about 12 miles north of you just leased for $6000 per nma.

If you don’t mind what section was that and blocked 13, thanks Bob

If you don’t mind what section was that Section in block 13 thanks Bob

SE/4 of Section 136

Block 13, Section 174