Reeves County Map

I am looking for a site that might have a Tobin or a map of the old subdivisions in Section 3, Block 2, A-363, H&GN Ry. Survey.

Any suggestions? I have googled the description, but I have yet to find one. This is in regards to the Anadarko Juniper State Unit 2-3. I have the map of the P-12, but I need to see one with the old subdivisions to reference against the P-12 plat.

Thank you.

Contact Anadarko with your request.

Here you go! These are from the website. I'll see if I have a Midland Map for that area.


I have a Midland Map I can send you, but it is 9.2MB, over the 7MB limit The Forum allows for. Invite me to become a Friend on The Forum and send me your email address.