Reeves County Block 55 Section 10 T-8

Having trouble locating a specific tract we apparently have a stake in. Could you point me to a map showing Reeves County, TX Block 55 Section 10 T-8. Thank You

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Here’s a long view and close up of your tract from Reeves County Appraisal District’s interactive map. Your section is abstract numbers 3371 and 5169.

Hi Robert - I believe we own in many of the same tracts and I have put together a fair bit of documentation of the tracts and how we have inherited them. Feel free to hit me up privately if you want more information.

You’re right next door to my family’s property (Section 9) . Have you been contacted about the “SaltCreek” pipeline that is going through your property? It takes a dogleg east onto your section from our side of the line. We are working with a lawyer and should have a deal with them for the easement across our property in the next few days.

I own property Block 55, sec 20 T&P S/2 tract 20, abstract 2222. Apache sent me an agreement to sign for them laying pipeline across our property. I sent it to my attorney. He looked it over & changed some of the wording in it , and sent it to Apache. It took a long time before they got back in touch with my attorney. They told him they had changed their minds. The project is at a halt for now. But if it starts again he would contact my attorney. After reading some of the comments on this forum, it doesn’t sound like the project has ended. Have anyone had this happen to you?