Reeves County Appraisal in Texas raising land owner taxes 200%


What information does anyone have regarding this topic and how do we set up rebuttal for this outrageous increase?


I just got my Reeves County Appraisal District notification…and my proposed property taxes for all
three entities (hospital, school, and county) only rose $12 over last year’s. So what’s the deal here?
Sounds like someone is stirring the pot trying to elicit an angry response by land owners.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


Linda, Do you have new well(s) on your land? If so, then you will be taxed separately for the surface and for each well as producing minerals.


Yes we do. Would that justify such a huge increase? Someone suggested we get a lawyer. We are not getting that much in royalties to afford a lawyer. We have until June 8 to protest.


I would be interested to see the tax appraisal. It is not out of the question that it could be; but to properly address the situation, you would need to contact the appraiser and probably the operator.


Found out that the taxes for land owners varies from $1000 to $3000. Company said $5000 is high! We need to contact a realtor in Reeves County. Any ideas? Also a lawyer. Thanks.


Linda, Looked at Reeves County appraisal district website under your name. I think that you are confusing the taxable value of your interest in the well with the net tax due. For example, one well lists $3,750 taxable value with a base tax of $44.76. The latter is an estimate of what you will pay, but the tax rates may change.


Jack, I talked to my brother and he got in touch with one of our oil companies. It appears that the Reeves Appraisal is for our land only and not the wells. Some of the land is near the Pecos River and elsewhere. Our father bought land in Reeves County many years ago and it was passed down to his children (7)! My brother is looking for a realtor to get an idea what our land is selling for so we can see if this increase is justified. We are so ignorant in this area!


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Hi folks I have a problem I received a tax bill for an oil well in which I have 3.1% of production from Reeves Co. Tax assessor.- collector in March 2018 which I promptly paid. Then 3 months later I receive another tax bill on the same well which was sent to me at a different address? which was luckily hand delivered by that person to me. This bill stated I hadn’t paid the tax and it was for 4 time what I had original paid+ penalty, is this typical of R.C.A.-T ?


Reeves CAD has a new contractor for its mineral accounts, and I have gotten several supplemental tax bills for newer wells. Every time I have checked, it has been a well we were not taxed on and paid in December, so it seems like they are going through and sending out tax bills for any well that started production in 2017. You should check to see if it was for an interest or well you paid earlier or a different one. Likely a different one.


Thanks Wade I wish it were true, but both statements have the exact same property N000149XXX (Well- AMMIRL X-XX” Centennial Resource PR Phantom (Wolfcamp) API 42-389-35XXX. Hummmm wonder if it is a Phantom well for tax purpose? Or could it be a Tax fraud as both statements had a different return PO Box and they were sent to two different address ( one correct and another with a
different street address and zip code)? Any way I wrote them a letter with tongue in cheek comments asking for clarification and a copy to the fraud division State of Texas.


Check the taxing authorities on the two statements, as I get two sets of bills from different taxing authorities in Reeves. Usually Reeves County bills separately for some reason.


@Charles_Doris_Stubblefield I find very interesting the observation you made here - the possibility of tax fraud. With so much money swirling around, being distributed to many mineral owners, the notion of someone fabricating tax statements/invoices is not all that far-fetched. I would hope that something like that would be nipped in the bud very early by people gathering here on the forum to disseminate information on anything “phishy”. Thanks for keeping everyone abreast.


Hi, Linda. What you have received is not a tax bill, but a notice of appraised value to which the CAD then applies last year’s tax rate, You will receive a tax bill later in the Fall that should show much less than a 200% increase in taxes. If you feel that the appraised value is out of line, and remember it is based on the price of oil and/or gas as of January 1st, 2018, the appraisal district should have sent you a form showing guidelines on how to appeal that appraised value. Hope this helped.


Thanks for the reply. My sister wants to know if we can separate value of property from mineral rights?


There will be separate bills for the surface valuation and for the producing minerals. The producing minerals tax will statement will name each well and the related royalty interest. Each interest will probably receive 2 sets of bills from different tax entities - such as Reeves County, Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD, and Reeves Hospital District. Some tax entities will be combined on a single bill. Not sure what you mean by “property”. The surface will include any houses or buildings.


I saw something like that type of increase in valuation sent to me from Stephens county.


My brother is gathering information to appeal the increase. Deadline for appeal is June 8. Thanks to everyone for all the information. Linda