Reeves County Appraisal District

I received another (3rd this year) notice from the RCAD regarding Property Tax Appraisal and and on the back of the page the Appeal Procedures. Under “Property Values” it shows tax year 2020 and 2021 and under “Total Appraised Value” it shows $0.00 for both years. It lists the 6 taxing units and their percentage “Last Year Tax Rate”. Does anyone have a clue what the RCAD is doing? Every time I get one of these it is different. They good news is this one is $0. Maybe!

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At the start of another session of property values and tax rates , my proposed value was 162k for 160 ac.I quickly responded with an offer of 72k.After nothing from them a month later,I called.Seems I had put attn. To the wrong person.Made copies and reapplied.Finally received the answer a week ago.They had decided to leave the value the same as last year, which I agreed to,45k. So if the county entities are the same,I will be paying $883.When this all started,I heard from 2 different reputable people that the operator would hassle the appraiser and I would accomplish nothing. I recalled the same situation last year and no one mentioned my name. Who knows,My letter may have made no difference.But on the other hand,it didn’t hurt anything. Good luck with your situation.Cj

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Hello…we received a 2021 Supplemental Tax Statement for Reeves county, TX. Included in this tax statement, which is due by July or August 2022 before interest is accrued, is taxes for the year 2020. So, it appears Reeves can go back to when the wells first started producing.

Thought I’d add this here for those who have yet to pay their taxes for 2020/2021 .

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I talked to CAGI, who handles mineral appraisal, and they can go back 3 years in time per the Statutes.

Received one from the Reeves County Appraisal District for a well missed in 2020. I verified from my tracking spreadsheets that we had them from three other wells for that year, but not from that one. Did not notice the due date. Seems odd they would be allowed to assess you without providing a protect period on these missed wells. Not that I would.

Well, it seems strange on a statement on July 8 we will owe 0.00 and now we owe over $4500.00 for half ownership

We just got our supplemental bills. Many were HIGHER than the appraisal notices. Looks like Capital has some explaining to do.

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The Reeves County Supplemental Tax Statement on salmon-colored paper is for the taxes on Mineral Rights income for 2020 and 2021. These are coming late because the Reeves Co. Appraisal District got behind on their mineral assessments and ultimately had to hire CAGI to do that for them for the previous 2 years. These payments are listed as two separate properties with two separate property numbers, which they admit is confusing. It is really the assessments on one property for two years. These two payments are due before the end of August.

The blue and white Notice of Appraised Value you have recently received is for the land you own in Reeves County, and not the minerals. This appraised value is the same as last year, which seems reasonable. The notice I received does not yet show the taxing entity % values to be charged against the assessed property value. We can probably expect them to be close to the values in the salmon-colored Supplemental Statement, but we really will not know until later in the year.

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The blue and white form was the one I received a couple weeks ago Probably in for a surprise October. Felt good for a while.Cj

That is an excellent explanation. I also received Supplemental Tax Statements for 2020 and 2021–and they matched the notices I received back in March. At that time, I researched each well they were taxing retroactively, and the dates were correct–I had not been billed in those years for wells that had started producing. I also analyzed the CAGI values, and they seemed fair. So even though I am paying a large retroactive tax bill, I can’t argue the fact that these wells are producing nicely!!

I had the same experience with Culberson County over the last couple of years, and it was much more convoluted and drawn out.

I need to correct what I said. Values did not go up between the notice and the bills. The increase in estimated versus actual taxes was apparently due to additional taxing authorities being added.


We found a number of bills that do have errors. They included both Balmorhea ISD and PBT ISD as taxing authorities. The wells are in one school district area, not two.

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i noticed my supplemental tax notice included pbtisd and balmorhea isd. how hard is it to get this corrected? EDITED: County tax office said we should reduce our payment by the amount billed in behalf of the Balmorhea ISD prior to sending in our payment. They do charge a pretty significant fee (percentage wise) for not paying by end of this month. IN our case about 50%.