Reeves County activity block 50

Any known activity in block 50 area of reeves county and maybe what an acre of surface/mineral rights goes for in that area?

Block 50 is approximately 6 mile wide and 15 miles long…do you have a specific area in the Block or a section # to share?

Didnt reaize that—section 37/38 area

Stephen would that be Block 50 T7S, 50 T8S or 50 T9S?

Township 7 is it block 50

Stephen, Chevron has 6 horizontal oil/gas wells that end in Section 39 next door to the West of you that since October 2018 they have produced 1,328,130 barrel oil/1,733,611,000 cubic feet of gas. WOW

GIS Map of Reeves County Section 37 & 38/Block 50 T7S and surrounding area:


I’m gonna assume that is a lot—great information and extremely helpful clint. I guess there isnt anything active on section 37 or 38 though. Does the close proximity presumably make the interest in these 2 sections more valuable, or not necessarily?

Your minerals are in a very good area of Reeves County. Do you own the minerals in both Sections and are your minerals leased? Be patient.

Just a small interest in surface and mineral-just a few acres. Was approached about it but i’m somewhat clueless on mineral stuff so trying to find out some info on it.

My opinion is to not sell unless you just have to have some money…and then I would only sell just a percentage of the minerals and keep some.

First you need to identify the location of your interests. Block, Section, and Townrange are principles to the description of your property. Then you should be able to pare down to your property. The Texas Railroad Commission and the County records should help you to identify the location of your interests.


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