Reeves County 2019 Taxes

FYI…In an effort to be certain I was not penalized for late payment of Reeves County Appraisal District taxes, I sent in my check a month before the due date. That was over 3 weeks ago. My check has yet to clear my bank. Today I contacted their office and was told they are a bit behind opening their mail. In fact, the person said they were working on December 20th mail today. And based on when they received my check (Jan 4-5th) it will be another 2-3 weeks before they get my payment open and posted. She assured me there would be no late penalty. They may want to consider taking some of their receipts and hire a few more people.


A couple of years ago, when you payed the appraisal office and I think the tax office separately. I mistakenly sent both too same address, one of them sent it back too me.i Googled the offices, they were across the street from them… they couldn’t bother themselves too walk it across the street…

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I had same experience with long-wait for check to clear the Reeves Co. tax office. You actually had better luck than me. When I called, the phone rang, and rang, and rang, No answer, no voicemail. Thanks for posting your comment so now I won’t worry. I too mailed mine right after Christmas and still hasn’t cleared.

The person at the Appraisal District gave me this number for the tax collector: 432-445-5473. I was surprised when my call was answered almost immediately. Now that I’ve seen the process in action I’m curious if the appraisal district will revise our tax this year considering the significant decline rates. Or is it another round of protest and appeal with Capitol Appraisal?

After exactly 60 days, the Reeves County Appraisal District finally cashed my tax payment.

Question: Will the District go through the same appraisal process this year or just stay with the current valuation? Considering the steep decline rate it seems to me they will have to re-appraise. Or will I need to protest again?

I would suggest, based on how your wells performed, that you might have more data to fight for a reduced taxation level next time. I am expecting our revenues will be less than we were accessed for 2019.

The Tax Office is a mess. Millions of dollars of checks unopened and uncashed. We finally got someone on the line, and they claim they never got our check, even though they cashed two smaller ones. Had to overnight the big check to them, with a verbal promise they would waive penalties.

Seems like they could staff up to at least cash and post checks to get them in the bank earning interest.

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We finally received a notice of appraised value notice on one well in section 38 with Centennial…the barracuda b well. Still have yet to receive an actual notice that we pay from. More will be revealed…

We learned to mail payments immediately upon receipt of statements. And, each payment is mailed with a letter and includes a stamped, self-addressed envelope for return of a paid receipt. That is to have proof of dates paid. Even then it did take some time for the payments to appear on their site, and though mailed on the same date some posted at different intervals. Perhaps the collector’s office isn’t able to find enough employees to handle the load.

We pay taxes on line. Got a receipt within days.

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