Reeves Co. lease activity


My family is preparing for a lease to be renewed this Summer and are curious on what activity is going on nearby and/or any production.

418 acres in W/2, Sec 48, Block 71, A-2373, PSL.


I’m also interested in activity - my acreage is in Section 39, Bl 72 PSL and Section 42, Blk 72, PSL Your lease will probably be renewed at the same low rate they paid you 3 years ago. I only do 3 year leases now with no renewals.


Brenda, I’ve just been sent a lease agreement for first time for property in Reeves county, how do I go about making sure the offer is competitive? This is at least a first step! Thank you!!



I see where to the South of Section 48 about 1 1/2 miles Apache has an approved permit(API 389-37954) as of yesterday for an Alpine High well.

Link to approved permit for well 389=37954:

Circled in blue are other approved Apache locations.

GIS map of Reeves County Section 48/Block 71/A-2373 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles


Clint, Thank you very much for posting the links.



January 17, 2019

This is a list of Alpine High approved permits since January 1, 2019 to present day:

Drilling Permit (W-1) Query Results

Search Criteria:

District: 08 County: REEVES Field Name Begins with: ALPINE HIGH Approved Date From: 01/01/2019 Approved Date To: 01/17/2019

5 results Page: 1 of 1 Page Size:


08 CHINOOK 205AH APACHE CORPORATION(027200) REEVES Submitted: 01/04/2019 Approved: 01/07/2019 848341 Horizontal New Drill N 16000 APPROVED
08 CHOCTAW STATE 101BH APACHE CORPORATION(027200) REEVES Submitted: 01/07/2019 Approved: 01/10/2019 835887 Horizontal New Drill Y 16000 APPROVED
08 CHOCTAW STATE 102AH APACHE CORPORATION(027200) REEVES Submitted: 01/10/2019 Approved: 01/11/2019 835889 Horizontal New Drill Y 16000 APPROVED
08 CHOCTAW STATE 103AH APACHE CORPORATION(027200) REEVES Submitted: 01/10/2019 Approved: 01/11/2019 835890 Horizontal New Drill Y 16000 APPROVED

08 HUCKLEBERRY 202AH APACHE CORPORATION(027200) REEVES Submitted: 01/15/2019 Approved: 01/16/2019 848760 Horizontal, Vertical New Drill N 16000 APPROVED

Clint Liles


First of all, you ask the community here what activity is going on in your area. Post a new topic and give the Section, Block and name of the survey. See what offers that people have received and/or accepted in the last few months. Most offers you receive in the mail or calls are low ball offers. Be patient and hold out for the highest offer. Use an attorney for reviewing the lease to make sure it protects you. You, however, are the one to do the negotiations.



Upcurve Energy has 9 approved locations just to the East of your 2 sections. There are some good oil/gas wells in the area…this link is to production on well 389-36765/Lease # 50195:|2=11|3=2017|4=10|5=2018|103=50195|6=O|102=08|8=specificlease|204=district|9=dispdetails|10=0

At this time Upcurve Energy is 1 mile to the East. Be patient.

GIS Map of Reeves County Sections 39 & 42/Block 72 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles


THANKS so much Clint I’ve been waiting Good Advice


UpCurve has approached me with offer for the north half of Block 72, Section 45 & 46. Seemed a low offer. Had another company offer a significantly higher amount. Are there new permits in these sections? Thanks


Sorry- these are for a mineral rights lease


We are family owners of a portion of the parcels with surface and mineral rights


Hello Quantum! I am new in the forum here. I am very confusing about this situation. I own 40 Acre in Culberson County, the State own everything “right to lease, water right, and mineral right”, mean I just own the surface only. Your posted here is giving me some information. Is it relate to my situation? Can you please give me more details about this if you don’t mind Thank you very much. John


John, if the lands are classified under the Relinquishment Act of 1919, then you act as the agent for the State of Texas and split bonus and royalties 50/50 with the state. That means you own the surface and the state owns the minerals, but they let you keep half of the revenue associated with the minerals for taking on the burden of acting as agent on behalf of the state and executing oil and gas leases in a prudent manner.


Thank you very much. I will do my homework now


What happens if I were to sell a “mineral classified” interest? Would the State of Texas be entitled to ½ of the sales price?


No, they would not be. That would be yours to keep.


New to all this. My Dad left 1/384 interest in mineral rights. The deed said 1/8 but a Landmann said that was 1/8 of who he bought from, not whole section. How do I find the doc that says what the 1/8 is part of?

1/384 is .0026. I have a doc to sign to receive payments and it say .0001. The person said that is my share of a certain tract. Can someone explain tracts and such?

My Dad did not receive any lease payments since 1969. I know Clayton Williams had a lease before the current one and we received no money. The company that bought them blew me off. Is there someone to contact that can help?

I hate bothering everyone since it’s such a small share, but any help would be appreciated.



Rick, you don’t own the minerals so you can’t sell them. The state owns them. You can only sell the surface whereby the surface owner acts as an agent for the State of Texas and gets 1/2 of the bonus and royalties (but owns no actual mineral rights).

I may be wrong in saying this, but I don’t think you can severe the 1/2 bonus and royalty rights from the surface ownership like you can with a normal mineral estate.


David, you’ll need to research the county records to find the appropriate deed. There are various online resources (some of them charge a fee), or you can hire a landman if necessary. Last resort would be an oil and gas attorney, but with such a small interest I doubt the cost of an attorney would be worth it.