Reeves Co DrillingInfo or IHS Markit

Anybody use DrillingInfo or IHS Markit? Is it good?

I’m looking into late 2020 leasing activity in -Block 54 T7 -Block 55 T7 -Block 72, and -Block C8.

By leasing activity I mean operators and or brokers. With an eye towards what lease bonus pnma for minerals.

These 4 Blocks form the four corners of a “+” sign. There in central Reeves county just south of Toyah and Pecos.

I have access to both. You get public info, what is filed at the courthouse. No bonus amounts as far as I know.

My latest pricing has IHS significantly more expensive than DrillingInfo, with DrillingInfo being more user-friendly. There have been other sources of data conglomeration being offered but I haven’t tested them out decently and might not be as well labeled/filtered as the more established sources.

Leasing activity and bonus /nma are tricky to find in Texas, and even if you have a good source for offsets, Reeves county is all over the place due to the wide range of reservoir across the section, so you'd need to know it was apples to apples. The Lierle Report is one consolidation of leasing 's I’ve found, but it’s averaged across the county. The GLO may have some data as well.

I have used Drilling Info (Enverus) for years. Expensive, but worth it for me. I also use as many of the free sites as possible.

What free sites do you use?

I use the state oil and gas commission sites for the states where I have minerals. They are incredibly helpful. I frequently use the operator websites where many of them post information in their royalty owners areas. Their quarterly reports have good information, although I know they are trying to impress their investors.

I also keep a running spreadsheet list of useful sites as I run across them. Wade Caldwell put an excellent list out a few years ago. You can find it in the Blogs category.

Noticed that national oil gateway and oklahoma’s occogonline stopped working late last month. These were useful free sites, but no clue what happened to them.

The regular OCC site had a revamp in December. I am still re-tooling my fingers on where everything is now.

Permian Basin Abstract Co has a new on-line resource called “TitleMade”. The monthly subscription is $500.00 (1st mo/prorated) and includes the title company’s title plant abstract runsheets and copies of all instruments. You can absolutely search by property description and by grantor/grantee with ease and confidence. Drew Langford manages this site and is very helpful in getting you up and running.

I found that the national oil gateway has been retired. The new Oklahoma link is I think the Oklahoma electronic well data link is also new:

Mistyped the OCConline link, it should be:

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