Reeves Co. Block 13 H&GN Survey

I have inherited approximately 30+ mineral acres in Block 13 H&GN Survey in Reeves Co., Texas. It appears to be unleased. This mineral interest was previously unknown until I received an offer to lease, searched my grandparents records, and found an old Mineral Deed. Although I am familiar with Oklahoma legal descriptions and oil and gas operations through my family, I know very little about Texas. I see references on this board to abstract numbers. I know what an Oklahoma abstract is, a history of the property ownership. Is it the same for Texas? I understand Reeves Co. is a hot area and part of Apache's big find, but how do I know the value of the minerals? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi Ann!

No, an Abstract like you are thinking of we would refer to as an Abstract Of Title here in Texas: The old typewritten histories of a tract of land that cover a certain time frame.

An Abstract Number in Texas is assigned by the State to every Survey within a County, whether it be an old Spanish Land Grant, a Mexican Land Grant, a Land Grant from the Republic of Texas or a Patent from the State of Texas.

Texas and the original 13 Colonies use Old World European style legal descriptions. The maps look like Jigsaw Puzzles on Steroids. The style of Section, Township and Range legal descriptions you may be more familiar with came into use following the Louisiana Purchase and covers all of the country except Texas and the original 13 Colonies.

The following link will take you to a fairly brief discussion of the subject and contains a few example maps:

There are a gazillion other articles, papers and presentations out there that you can look up on the subject and others here on The Forum may be able to provide you with additional information.

I am looking at Block 13 for someone else here on The Forum this afternoon. If you will post your Abstract Number or other legal description details, I'll see what I can find on your area.

In the meantime, I would advise you to NOT SELL your mineral interests. Not unless you have some dire need for the money right now, because the longer you wait the more valuable your interests may become.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

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Fort Worth, Texas

For specifics, what section are we talking about?

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I don’t remember the abstract number or the exact section, but I think it’s 130 something. All the paperwork is at my office. I would never sell the mineral rights, but I would lease them if the terms are favorable. From what I’ve researched, a 3-year term and 25% royalty is standard with only the bonus being negotiable. I found a Reeves Co. map online but it’s image quality is hard to read and I can’t tell much from it.

Ann -

I am sure the other Boys are trying to be helpful, but if you own an interest in any lands in Reeves County, Texas, you need to be prepared to be BOMBARDED with offers from people and companies wanting to lease or buy your interests.

Until you know a great deal more than you do now, I advise that you do not lease or sell your interests. Do not even verbally agree to any offer.

I am going to send you an invitation to become "A Friend" on The Forum. You can send me what you know about your property's legal description privately that way.

I will look up what there is to find about your properties and any Leasing and Drilling activities around your properties and share that information with you.

In the meantime, I advise that you fend off any offers of any kind.

Trust me on this.

I agree with that!

I have no intention of selling any of the minerals, ever, nor am I going to lease without extensive research. I also own minerals in Oklahoma some HBP, some leased, some unleased. I'm not entirely unfamiliar with oil and gas practices, but my experience is limited to Oklahoma. If I understand correctly, there is no pooling in Texas. If there is no pooling, are unleased mineral owners spaced out of drill sites or is their interest carried? The section is 135. I'm still looking for the abstract number, but there are some 40-year old records indicating the minerals may be in the SE/4. Thank you for all the help. I really appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share it.

If someone asks you to call them with specifics about the sections, they just might be a buyer! Ha!

Anne -

I will pull up what I can on your area and get it over to you this afternoon.

I am sure any number of the other contributors here on The Forum can provide you with more detailed information, but briefly:

Wells can be drilled and produced on a Lease Basis here in Texas. There are spacing rules (distance between wells) and they are required to stay 467 feet away from anyone else's lands or leases (unless otherwise allowed by the RRC). Probably additional regulations that have to be met.

But there is pooling here also, although perhaps not quite what you are used to in Oklahoma.

The "Units" are not typically defined by the State as they are in Oklahoma. Under guidelines set by the State (RRC), the companies design their own Units under the Voluntary Pooling provision included in most leases.

The Units (pooled acreage) can include acreage that is unleased.

One other thing to be aware of is that occasionally the shape of a Unit may be designed to allow the company it's greatest possible royalty and HBP acreage position.

A tract under a 1/5 lease may be chosen over a tract under a 1/4 royalty lease. And a single acre (or even less) of a tract that is hundreds or even thousands of acres in size may be included because the lease on that tract does not include a Pugh Clause or a Depth Release.

The companies and allowed a lot of leeway here. Some of the ultimate Units are really screwy in their shapes.

Hope this helps -


Ann -

Attached is a quick look at the area around your Section.

Nothing spectacular, at least not yet.

Close in there is the COG - Toone 13-157 No. 1, a Conventional Well, in the Section to your immediate SE that produces a little oil and gas.

And Primexx just permitted their Meeker 109 No. 10H, a Horizontal Well, in the Section immediately to the NE of your Section. That one should be exciting to watch.

Check with me in a few months and we'll see what has happened on the Meeker 109 No. 10H.

You might want to Google "Alpine High Apache". Between the articles and the maps you should be able to see if your lands are in the area in far Southern Reeves County everybody is so excited about.

Hope this helps -


663-MAPTABLEOFAREAWELLS.pdf (326 KB) 664-4238932584COGTOONE13157NO.1.pdf (762 KB) 665-4238935303PRIMEXXMEEKER109NO.10H.pdf (462 KB)

Thank you so much for your help.

My pleasure!

Enjoy your weekend - hope your team wins!