Reef Petroleum LLC McClain County

Anybody have dealings with Reef Petroleum, LLC - my mineral acreage is in McClain County OK.

No I don’t. Research them to see if legit or just some new on the block. Never hand over any legal documents without a check in hand.

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When I see a new name that is not familiar, I look them up on and the Better Business Bureau. I also look up the principal owners on LinkedIn or other websites to see what their expertise is. Companies with similar names may need a bit more research.

I would add to Todd, Never Ever hand over a lease or a deed without check clearing the bank unless you know the company and have done business with them before and trust them.

Wondering if you ever located any information regarding Reef Petroleum, LLC? I had a lease offer from them for McLain County mineral rights.

There is a Reef Petroleum out of Richardson, TX. Not sure if it is part of the same group. I have not dealt with them.

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