Record Checker

Does anyone have the name and number of someone that checks records in Grady County. This would not be to check mineral interests it would be in the County Court House regarding a case where a SHERIF'S MINERAL AND ROYALTY CONVEYANCE was placed against my minerals It took place in 2006. My mineral interest is small but the lady in the Court Clerk's office said the case proceeding was huge. I would only be requesting information regarding my interests as there are other individuals interests listed. I find it interesting that they sent the summons notifying me of this summons and the decision to take away my interests to the city where I was born and have not lived there since 1960. I have very current information regarding my addressor these minerals in the County Clerks office. I would appreciate any help or advice one might have. Val Connell Carter

Val, have you spoken to or emailed with the person listed on the letter you received about the conveyance expressing your concern? Do you have the name/s of the person/people or entity that the minerals were conveyed to? Grady county has their records search online. You would be able to locate the recorded documents for a online nominal "print" fee. You can sign up here:

If that link doesn't work, try

Scroll down the page until you get to the "advanced search" input area. You can search names only or you can search for more detailed descriptions.

You can pay for an independent researcher or if you have some spare time, you can search the county records online to see if the documents are there.

Hope this helps.