Recommended New Mexico Oil & Gas Lawyer

Who do you recommend? Alternatively, mineral manager or landman with similar experience? Carlsbad area ideally, but not opposed to ABQ or anywhere else in the state.

Thank you for the advice!

I don’t have any references in NM. I’d ask a Landman in NM - there are Landmen who are O&G Attorneys as well, so the two birds with one stone approach might be nice.


Right now, i cannot give you a name to recommend. I CAN TELL YOU WHO TO AVOID.

Drop me an instant message and I will reply directly.

Nothing on the open forum.


JRW - I sent you a message.

How do you all feel about using one oil and gas lawyer licensed in both New Mexico and Texas? Other recommendations on lawyers or landmen?

I feel pretty great about it, but only because I’m licensed in both!!

Kathy9, Actually, the LAWS for oil & gas leases and all sorts of other things that pertain to leases, etc CHANGE with each state. Some of the differences are minor, sometimes major and knowing what the differences are and how to deal with them is key.

For those reasons only, I would go with one attorney in one state and a different attorney in the other.

And if either attorney is bad, you will have the other attorney to judge their work against.

my best, jrw


My hope to find an attorney who knew a lot about both NM and TX oil and gas law was based on the idea that he could then have a deeper understanding of immediate and extended family’s interests in both states. I’m inclined to believe that’s just a fantasy and the reality is you need to have separate ones in each state.

Just to make the point that the ONLY PERSON who will have a deeper understanding of your families interest is YOU.

I don’t mean to sound snooty or anything, but I found after the wife and I did all our own research that WE recognized family names that none of the legal help we hired (attorney’s and land title company researchers) and they had zero idea of who WAS part of our family

Only someone who knows your family for a long period of time will have a clue about who is or is not part of your family.

The question you have to ask yourself is how important is it to get the correct information. The only person that could do that would be you.

At least that’s what I found out after doing this myself.

If you have questions, drop me an instant message and I’ll answer any questions you may have.


Kathy9 excellent question. I recently began this learning process & have found immense value in separate lawyers in each state & also having experienced landmen to help me sort through 70 years of family files. It’s been a cumbersome but necessary process.


This may sound stupid, but how do I instant message you?

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