Recommended books for mineral owners

What books would you recommend for mineral owners?

I'm looking for general introductory information on everything oil and gas related.

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Oil and Gas Law in a Nutshell, 5th Edition (Nutshell Series) [Paperback] By John S. Lowe

available on Amazon, probably available at Barnes and Noble too.

Hey Reagan -

There are any number of books out there available through public libraries and bookstores. And a search for such literature on the internet would like locate several million sources for you.

But I would imagine that if you were to check with organizations like the National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO) ( or the Texas Land and Mineral Owners Association (TLMA) ( (or similar groups for your state), they will have recomended books and other literature for you to choose from - perhaps even siminars for you to attend.

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Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

These are two authors that I am aware of from people talking about oil in the Bakken fields

I'd recommend "Look Before You Lease," from the National Association of Royalty Owners.

I'd check out your state's Oil and Gas Conservation Commission's Rules at their web site and its Free.)