Recommendations for Attorney: Quiet Title suit

My sisters and I have mineral rights that my deceased father owned. We were unaware of these rights until we were approached by land companies looking to lease them. Long story short, now Continental is holding our interest in suspense, wanting more documentation. We are looking for legal representation to help us through the process of Quiet Title.

There are several attorneys listed in the Directory tab above or you can find one in your county to do it.

I only see three listed. Just one is in Oklahoma. Our rights are in Grady County OK. I’m not sure how important their location is. Does the attorney need to file anything in person at county courthouse? Or can we take care of the filings ourselves? Thanks for your help!

I don’t think it matters where the attorney resides. They would be able to tell you if they need to file in person or not. You will need death certificates and that can take a while if you don’t already have them. The first thing to do is contact Continental and see what they require. Some companies only need an affidavit of heirship which you can do your self. See what they want first and see how much of it you can do on on your own. Then get an attorney for the rest.

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I live out of state but have had good luck working with Kerry Caywood at Park, Nelson, Caywood, Jones and Perryman. They are located in Chickasha. OK, which is in Grady County. Jim

Grady County does not require the client to attend any hearings. Most peperwork is handled through the mails. Judge Brauer is assigned to probate cases in Grady county and is extremely easy to work with. Usually, these matters can be handled on a flat fee whoever you choose.

Oklahoma is a small state and most attorneys cover a large portion of it. While quiet title might be a route, it is more likely that a simple probate is needed.