Recommendation on Mineral Rights Broker

Any recommendations on a mineral rights broker/advisor ?

Property is in Belmont County, Ohio and is presently not leased.

Nearby production, but we are just outside of the production area of that well - basically need someone to look at the property, make a recommendation and handle leasing or sale of minerals.

Seems everyone I talk to is either in it for a quick buck - or a lease flipper.

Not sure if you need an advisor/broker.

Are you receiving offers already? Can you talk to the neighbors and see what information they have received? Are you the complete owner? Do you know all of the interest owners in the mineral rights? Is the title clear and point to you as the mineral owner in the County Records?

We have some interest - but most seems to be result of outreach I have made. Not like 2011-2012 when it literally seemed like there was a landman at the door and 8 mailers in the mail every day.

Neighbors not really helpful - most small ones sold long ago.

Title is clear and points to us. Just off lease and release of interest has been filed.

And no - sit and wait for someone to find us is probably not an option. As ideal of an option that it might seem, a few family things are pushing towards liquidation - health, other priorities, ect. I understand its a down market - and was originally just going to seek out a lease - but outright sale might be better and could prove more attractive to speculators.

Energynet and Midcontinent exchange both have online auctions for mineral rights. I believe you can also set a reserve to make sure it secures the minimum price you want.

We received a lease offer from Ascent in July. Our MR are in Wheeling Township. They said it’s a ‘level one priority’. Pulling permits in early 2020.