Recommendation for a good mineral attorney

Can anyone give me a recommendation for an honest, ethical and affordable mineral attorney for minerals in Blaine, Custer and Dewy county OK ?

You can observe qualified professionals (often with localized expertise) who provide services to mineral owners right here on The Mineral Rights Forum. You will notice them among 3 different instances on the site:

  • in display image ads and/or brief text messaging on site

  • in our Mineral Service Provider Directory in the main navigation above. These are arranged by professional discipline.

  • as a Business Member participating in many conversations throughout the site (note the blue colored “B” on their picture and blue text on their posts).

These practitioners are often able to provide the specific (and often localized) services that meet your needs.

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Any oil and gas attorney that is licensed in OK can help you. They do not have to live in the Blaine, Custer or Dewey county area.

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Hello Martha. I was able to speak with an attorney thru my NARO membership - thank you for your response. I am wondering though, do I need to apply for a tax ID for business ownership for minerals? I am processing my first division order and filling out the W-9 which looks like in section 3 I may need a business tax ID???

Also, I am informed to strike out the Indemnity clause on this division form and initial it, is there a specific color of ink I have to use for this - I forgot to ask.

You don’t need a new tax I’d unless the interest is held by a business entity, ie an LLC, chapter C or S corporation or irrevocable trust. If the entity is you, use your tax id#.

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Thanks for that information Todd Baker. I was not sure how to complete the W-9. I am not a business owner and looking over the W-9 I thought perhaps since I own minerals now I would have to apply for a business ID.

You do not have to use the Division Order Form that they send you. You can use the NADOA form instead. I prefer to do that. Also, you do not have to have a business entity if you own the minerals personally.

0_NADOA_Division Order Model Blank Form 2017v 2.pdf (78.2 KB)

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Hampton & Milligan in OKC

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