Recieved Lease. Help!

Lease is 500 3/16 3yrs.After mounths and waisted $ to title search,my concern is $ has been going to the wrong place for a long time.How do i find out were its been going and does signing now erace any money or intrest i might be due.


Your question is very vague and I think if you could supply some additonal facts in regards to your lease, someone on this board will be able to assist you. It sounds like you have been offered a lease for a $500 bonus; 3/16 royalty for a term of 3 years. The rest of the post becomes very hard to understand.

Robert, Is there already a well on the location and the wrong person is getting the royaltys? The person you leased with should have done some kind of research before they contacted you. If you know who the operator of the well is you should contact their Royalty Owner relations dept. to see what the situation is on their end. If you have proof of your interest it is up to that company to make things right. You must have county records to back up your claim.

You should post this in the state and county discussion group applicable.