Recently inherited mineral rights in WV- need some help understanding

My father in law inherited some mineral rights several years ago in Barbour County WV of 83 acres total between him and his siblings. For reasons unknown there was a 100 year lease on the property which was acquired by Hope Energy in 1965 in the amount of 1.00. The lease specifies they are allowed to drill from the surface to the Rhinestreet Formation.

Recently the owners were solicited and met with Consol energy who wrote up an amendment to the original lease allowing them to drill to the Marcellus Shale. Is this legal? Since this is a shared inheritance do all owners have to sign in order to proceed with drilling? What items need to be specified to make this legal? Sorry just really confusing jargon in the lease agreement and I am afraid they may be getting swindled somehow. Any information is appreciated...

It is hard to understand what you have from your post. Who are "the owners" (Hope or your F-I-L and siblings)? Why is Consol involved? If they subleased the property from Hope Energy, then they have every right to drill. No one has to approve the drilling except the state.

You might contact Hart Engineering in Charleston. Robert Hart is a director in the National Assoc. of Royalty Owners and if he cannot help you, he can probably tell you who can.