Recent XTO wells

Hi, I am new to this site, so please forgive me if I am naive or mistaken in anything. It is my understanding that XTO recently drilled 4 horizontal wells in Major County that just began producing in the last couple of months. Would anyone be able to direct me to how I could locate those wells and monitor production rates on line each month? Thank you in advance for any one who can help me.


If you go the OCC (Oklahoma Corporation Commission) website and click on Divisions -> Oil and Gas -> Imaged Documents -> Oil and gas well records forms, you can search the Section Township and Range (STR) in the legal location box. Example: section 1, township 20 north, range 10 west, you would input into the legal location box 0120n10w.

As for production you can go on the OTC (oklahoma tax commission) click on all taxes -> gross production -> online registration and reporting systems -> User’s Guide for Gross Production Registration System -> public pun search. once you are on this page click on the public pun search tab, select the search by legal option and type in you S-T-R example: 01 20n 10w, once you have entered in your STR and hit search, click on the well you are interested in and hit production history to see the production from the last 12 months.

There have been 157 completions in Major county in the last 999 days. The two that I found with XTO as operator are ULA 1-31H6X7 in 31-22N-10W. The other is Melvin 1-31H30X, also with a surface location in 31. They did not get reported until May and June, so may or may not show up on the Tax site yet with production numbers. They are usually four-five months behind. Be aware that the gas numbers may not match your check stubs due to the way gas is measured. Use as a general guide.

Thank you, so much for your detailed response. I really appreciate it. This is exactly what I needed, except that I do not know the legal location of the 4 horizontal wells that XTO recently drilled in Major County, which I am trying to monitor. I do not think they have drilled wells in Major County for some time, so I am hoping that finding these 4 might not be too difficult. I have net royalty interest rights in them, but have not been able to find the location, name or legal description as of yet.

If any one can help me in locating the 4 recent XTO wells, I would greatly appreciate it. They should be easy to monitor based on Texhomex’s great direction.

Thank you again to anyone who can give me additional guidance.

One well goes north into 30 and one well goes south into 6 &7. You can tell by the names. You only get royalties if your minerals are in the sections that are perforated. I only see two XTO wells in that area. If you have further information, that would help.

Texhomex and M Barnes, Thank you so much for your help. You are both very generous and I am grateful your help.

Mrs. Barnes, thank you so much for helping me locate 2 of the 4 wells that XTO drilled recently in Major County. Do you by any chance have the knowledge to track down the other two? I have not been able to locate them yet.

Thanks so much. You are super helpful to everyone on this site.

Here is the most recent list of XTO wells in Major County.

35-093-25153 XTO ENERGY INC Major S:31, T:22N, R:10W ULA '1-31H6X7 8/8/2018 18,300 7,804 Yes link XTO ENERGY
35-093-25166 XTO ENERGY INC Major S:31, T:22N, R:10W MELVIN '1-31H30X 10/4/2018 18,300 7,799 Yes link XTO ENERGY
35-093-25167 XTO ENERGY INC Major S:14, T:20N, R:12W ALKAR FARMS '1-14H11X2 10/11/2018 18,450 8,508 Yes link XTO ENERGY
35-093-25186 XTO ENERGY INC Major S:36, T:21N, R:14W MCKEE '1-36H25X 12/14/2018 17,720 8,485 Yes link XTO ENERGY
35-093-25186 XTO ENERGY INC Major S:36, T:21N, R:14W MCKEE '1-36H25X 12/14/2018 18,531 8,485 Yes link XTO ENERGY
35-093-25209 XTO ENERGY INC Major S:10, T:20N, R:13W WILCOX '1-10H3X34 3/14/2019 18,900 9,025 Yes link XTO ENERGY

Thank you, Mrs. Barnes! You are the best.