Recent Wolfcamp Announcement

Can anyone tell me if the new Wolfcamp "discovery" would extend into Ward County 34-144?

Ward is on the western limb of the Wolfcamp main area and is being explored similarly where the Wolfcamp is associated and interspersed with other formations of similar geologic age. So, in general, the answer is yes. And that includes Reeves and Pecos counties as well.

By example; Is that a beautiful Rainbow, or Cutthroat, or maybe a CutBow trout you caught.

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Managment and fly fisherman.

Gary you liked my Rainbow. My largest on a dry fly, #16 Caddis. Come see the large Rainbows on Upper Columbia in BC

Sorry to piggyback, but would Terry County figure in on Wolfcamp?


What about Culberson County? Is it part of Wolfcamp?


This Completion Report is from a 'Wolfcamp' well in Culberson County:

Clint Liles

Hi, I’m new to this sight, and a newbie to all this. I am a surface owner in ward county. I own block1 sec28, lot 17. I’ve been getting great information from this website.I’ve learned that there’s 4 wells on my property. I was told one have been there since 2011. I own the property since 2006. Never signed a lease for anything. I got a response from someone wanting to lease my surface. I have not responded back because I have no idea what’s the going rate in that area is for surface. Also how does that work if there’s wells there. I talked to someone at shell’s land department. They asked for a copy of my deed. If someone could help me out with the surface rate in the area it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Carolyn