Recent purchase 2N Range 64 West

I'm happy to have found this forum! Thanks. early last year I entered into a pooling agreement with Kerr - Mcgee referenced by an intent to drill a horizontal well with spacing units containing 720 acres for the Swartz 26C-12HZ Well. Just the other day I received a mineral rights purchase offer from Wolf Resources for $3628 per acre. I live out of state and was hoping to get any information I could concerning this well, Wolf Resources, the value of mineral interests in my area or where I might go to get such information. Kindest Regards.

I have rights in that my opinion the offer

is way too low.

William, PM me when you have the time. I can fill you in on Wolf Resources and their managing member, Kevin Connors. I believe their offer of $3628 is low as well. I have a resource that could most likely present you with a higher offer.

I get offers on a weekly basis…I have no intention of selling.

Thanks for your response. Please fill me in and let me know about another offer. You can contact me directly at 512 466-0859. Thanks again, Charley Snow

How much do you figure it's worth? Thanks for any input that you may have. I don't live up there and don't have a clue of what's going on in the area. We bought the property because we liked it, the mineral interests weren't even a factor - now they are!!

By the way, do you know what's happening with the Swartz well? Has it been started? my contact or 512 466-0859

You can check progress at the COGIS website…it will show you all activity in the area. Don’t sell your rights to anyone…if you negotiated a good enough lease- you will get what they offered you every year in income. Those companies prey on people who haven’t done research.

Will do Charley. Take heed with some of the advice being put forth on this board. Specifically JAG2's comment about "Dont sell your rights to will get what they offered you every year in income." To disprove his point have you received over the purchase price you gave Joseph Martinez in royalties since your acquisition in Aug. 2016?

Hi Charley,

I send you over some info (Scout Card and Production Report from the COGCC Website) for the Swartz 26C-12HZ. It looks like it went on production in November of last year. Assuming your minerals are in Section 12 or 13 of 2N-65W (where this well is), you should have received a Division Order by now. It looks like there are a few other wells that just went on production as well in these sections (same would go for them).

I hope this helps!

Matt Sands

Minerals Management & Consulting