Recent offers for ORRI west Peter Norton survey

Been getting blanket offers much higher than in the past. I can see on the gis the lease to the west is swiss cheese and has 3 new permits up to drill. one very close to a producing well on my ORRI thats been a steady producer for 25 years.

If anyone has any info that would be great. api 429-34496 robertson -s- lease abstract 126.

Thanks you all for the help.


I would suggest a minimum of $200/ acre on a bonus and 20%, preferably higher. Stephens appears to be heating up.

Does anyone have a feel for the recent O&G leasing activity in Stephens County? What are the typical lease terms being offered in this area? The $200/20% sounds like a good starting point. Any experience out there with Thunderbird Land Services or Sky Development Corp?

Mine was not O&G, but may 2012 I signed a lease 150 & 1/4th.