Recent Offer - more activity in Grady County?

Offered $2500/NMA with 3/16 royalties in sections SW of Amber, OK...anyone know what the going rate is on leasing?

Anyone else getting offers? Anyone know of drilling coming soon?

Please provide legal description of area - section, township and range.


Please friend me so we may discuss further. You will need to provide more info before a true valuation can be given on the offer. If you choose to friend me, just click on the blue icon to the left by my name. I have also sent you a friend request as well. I look forward to discussing your offer with you at your earliest convenience.



Please friend me and we can discuss!!

Sections 24,25,26

Still need township and range. Also how many acres do you own?


Please list township & range of your mineral interests. My family holds mineral interests in 17-9N-8W & 7-7N-8W in Grady County, OK. We have received multiple offers to lease our mineral interests in each of these 2 sections..

Phil, We have a similar offer, a little lower on the advance per acre. It's a bit difficult to get a definite estimate from anyone without an agenda of their own.

Would you be willing to take this conversation to private email so we can compare location and amounts?


I would be happy to privately discuss the offers that we have received.