Recent lease request Monogolia County

I just got a lease offer from Northeast Energy.. Does anyone know if any successful drilling going on there? Clay township. ...or has anyone else had an offer?

Curious, what's the offer?

500.00 bonus and 14 percent. I’m new to all this. Didn’t even know I own mineral rights until four days ago.

Did they tell you how many acres you own? $500 is low unless you have a small fractional interest.

Not even an acre. Very small pea size lol

I have an offer from Northeast Energy. I have almost five acres and was offered two thousand an acre and fifteen percent. My acres are in Battelle District close to Fairview. I also would like to know what is going on in that area, since I live in NC and do not have a clue, also if that is a good offer for that area.

Hello, I have acrage in a tract in Battelle, Monongalia County. I live in Ohio arnt sure of the best lease rates. I’ve been approached multiple times by Northeast Nat Resources. I have yet to sign a lease. I’m trying to figure out avg Royalty % offered given the new 2018 co-tenancy law. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


Hello, I too have been notified of being an heir to mineral rights in Monongahela Battelle district and I was offered 15% royalty and $200 up as a 33.6 acre minerals only. Landman said my acreage party was .008% of the 33.6 mineral acres which is tiny, I believe there decent for the little part I’ve inherited but I’m having trouble trying to find how to get title of ownership. I googled everything I can think of and yet nothing. Can anyone help with that?

northeast paid 22 of us 2000 each in monongalia county the landman and mr Nuttal very nice folks

I believe your offer of 15 percent royalties is fear but you should see if you could do better with them never hurts to try