Recent Lease Offers

Any recent lease offers in the Toyah area of Reeves County?

You will need to specify the Section and Block

Thanks. Sections 42 & 43, Block 71.

I’m also in Block 71 in Section 46 and also interested if anyone knows of any leasing going on in the area.

Lori, this is the latest from for Reeves County:

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Thanks Clint. I’m subscribed to the Lease Alert. I haven’t seen any new leases recorded for our area. Was interested if anyone around us was getting any offers or, specifically, if any operators are leasing in Apache’s abandoned Alpine High field. They drilled one well in our unit which is producing, but opted not to continue drilling and let the leases expire except for a small retained acreage tract.

With natural gas prices on the rise Lori, we can hope some operators get interested in an area that is productive.