Recent Lease Offers in Wilson County Texas

Has anyone recently had lease offers for Wilson County Texas? I just received a call offering $500 per min acre and 1/5 royalty. I just want to compare to any other recent offers…thanks

Dear Mr. Houston,

I am assisting on a tract of acreage at $750 and 25%.

I do believe that if you can wait until later on this year you will do better.

Dear Mr Houston,

The worst case scenario is that you are unleased and the 200 acres is not a drillsite, but placed in a producing unit. Very difficult for you to get any royalty money in that case.

The good news is that the landman would likely be willing to trade a little. $250(diff between 750 and 500) x 5 = $1250.00. That is not where the money is. Get 1/4 royalty and no deducts.

Timothy W Houston said:

Thanks for the information. I only have 5 mineral acres of a 200 acre tract. Do you think the Landman will be willing to negotiate, considering the small amount of my share? What is the worst case scenario if he and I do not come to an agreement?

I have 300 acres in Wilson County between Floresville and Pleasantaon just south of Hwy 97. I would like to lease my property and have a well completed. My Property runs North to South and is shaped in a long wide Rectangle. It would be possible for a company to come in and drill one or two (hopefully) horizontal wells and not have to touch any other properties. If any one is interested please give me a call. Thanks, Laurie 210-428-4590.

Oh, a well is being completed approx. 1 1/2 miles on the Floresville side of my property, and another well is being started a few miles away on the Pleasanton side of my property. My property has two old oil wells that were abandoned in the 80's because the producer went broke, which can be used to drill into the Carizo-Wilcox Aquaf. or there is a really good area an 8 acre lake can be put into place, and it would only take one or two rain falls to fill it.