Recent INEOS activity

Is anyone aware of any recent drilling, completion or leasing activity by INEOS in Dimmit County since they acquired Chesapeake’s Eagleford interests. Have they hired any local folks for operations?

Last month Ineos filed their first drilling permit on the Vesper Ranch ESE of Big Wells within a mile of the La Salle Co. boundary. It’s a new drill, and appears to be on an old Chesapeake location. Otherwise they’ve been pretty quiet.

I also wonder if anyone has heard of their activity to get themselves up to speed to be able to operate their significant legacy Chesapeake position. Have they hired local folks to handle the pumping / day to day stuff? Did they take-over CHK’s field office down there? Have they made any comments to investors / financial community about their plans and progress?

Would appreciate others in the know weighing in on these questions. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the info. Royalty checks are still coming from Chesapeake, not INEOS. Does anyone know why? Chesapeake has closed on all of their Eagleford properties. Production shows up on the RRC site under INEOS, not Chesapeake. Also there appear to be 2 new permits on the Light Ranch NE of Valley Wells in the works.

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