Recent Activity in Caddo County, OK

My family has minerals in SE/4 Sect 13 8N 9W, Caddo County. How do we find out what activity, if any, there has been in this area? Years ago, there had been leases on these minerals, but to our knowledge no wells were ever drilled. At least not that anyone can recall, and no one ever received any royalties. I’ve tried searching by legal description on the OTC portal, but it says nothing was found. If I search by county, I get a gazillion results, and I don’t know what the lease name would be.

Hi Griffin, as far as I can tell from the OCC records, no oil or gas wells have ever been drilled in the SE of 13-8N-9W. There were other wells in that section but they are listed as dry holes.
To get lease information, it appears you’d have to go to, or hire someone to go search at the Caddo County courthouse.

PeteR, thanks for your response. I wasn’t sure if I was searching correctly, or even searching in the correct database.

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