Recent Activity In/Around Grady County, OK

After reading one of the articles in the last newsletter, I thought I would make a quick list of some of the leasing activity and associated offers we've seen and list some of the websites we like to use. I know I love to find good information to help manage the oil/gas.

Someone had mentioned leasing to Continental Resources in a previous forum, so I thought I would share our experience with Continental Resources. We will do everything in our power to NOT lease to Continental Resource as they already owe our family a good deal of money that has not been paid on property we leased to them. They paid us a lease bonus on the agreed–to amount of property but have refused to date to pay production on that same amount of property. This is not on one piece of property, it is on several. They are quite poor at returning phone calls and emails and may run you in circles trying to set up an appointment to resolve issues. If you're interested in companies that may want to lease your property that are not Continental Resources, send me an email and I'll see if I can find you some names :

Recent Leasing Offers:

Grady 13-04N-06W, $450, 1/4;

Grady 06-04N-06W, $450, 1/4;

Grady 02 – 06N – 06W, $2000, 3/16;

Grady 02 – 06N – 06W, $450, 1/4;

Grady 02 – 06N – 05W, $450, 1/4;

Grady 34 – 06N – 05W, $2200, 3/16;

Grady 30 – 06N – 05W, $2200, 3/16;

Grady 15-07N-05W, $250, 1/4;

We have also recently leased or have offers on, but the lease bonuses may be higher now or can be negotiated higher than what is on the letter:

Grady, 16-05-06

Grady, 05-04-06

Grady, 36-10-07

Grady, 23-03-06

Grady, 17-04-06

Grady, 14-03-06

Garvin, 32-02-02

We also have folks asking about property in. Look at all the interest in 5N-5W, however, a lot of 5N-5W has old wells and at least at a lot of our property is held by production:

Grady County

Sec 2-5N-5W

Section 11-5N-5W

Section 14-5N-5W

Section 16-5N-5W

Section 26-5N-5W

Section 27-5N-5W

Section 30-5N-5W

Section 32-5N-5W

Section 33-5N-5W

Section 34-5N-5W

Section 35-5N-5W

McClain County

Section 5-5N-4W

Websites Frequently Used:

Best Wishes To All,


Do not accept less than 22.5% and $1200/acre. Rule out high bonus and 3/16ths

Okay, thanks on the 22.5% and $1200/nma.

I would like to visit with you about the terms you’re wanting as well as what’s been offered in the area.


Sure. Are you a mineral owner or land man, lawyer or similar role in O/G? My email is Take care.


Thank you again for the info on the 22.5% and $1200/nma. I guess I should also explain that a lot of the work I do is for my parents who sometimes want the higher lease bonus to increase their cash flow.

I just want to say thanks for all the info and websites. It sure helps.


You listed a lot of recent leases in 5-5, Grady County. Would you be able to tell me who leased these sections?

Thank you.

Gracie Troini

Anytime, Tom.


There is interest in those properties in the the 5N-5W area. We have not leased all of those properties recently. Several of them are held by production and some of the well are pretty old.

Eagle Rock is one of the companies interested in this area.

Take care.