Receiving letters to purchase mineral rights?

I have received 2 letters and 1 phone call wanting to purchase my mineral interests in Major County. Any idea how to find out if the offers are fair?? Thanks

Hi Lakemom394, I’ve had several offers to buy our small mineral interests in Major County, but I have never sold. It seems that leasing offers usually follow the buy offers. Pick a lease offer and hope they actually drill. Patience can reward you.

Future may show that Major County should be considered part of the STACK. The horizontal wells being drilled there are exploring deeper horizons. Good luck. My apologies for not being able to answer the question as you asked it.

signed/ grateful for royalty checks…

In my experience, most offers to buy are low just to see if folks will bite. Usually means they know something I don’t know and I need to find out what it is. What is your section, township and range?

From my experience as a land owner in Major and Woods counties, when I started receiving offers to buy the minerals that was followed by an oil & gas company wanting to lease the minerals and/or drill on that section.