I was contacted a few months ago about a partial of land bought by my step-grandfather in 1920. The landman who contacted me wanted to buy it.I was told by the landman that there were 3 wells on the property. I was not aware of this and started research. I find that I am one of the legal heirs to the property and lease which is in receivership. The lease has held by Energen since July of 2015, and they are getting ready to sell to another oil company. I have everything I need to file for my portion of the lease to get it out of receivership. I was told that the only monies in the receivership were the bonus payment. How do I go about finding if there is more to this than I am being told; aside from making a trip to Reeves county. And, if there has been drilling in the past, where are the royalties being held. Thanks for any help.

I can give you the name and phone number of a person who is very knowledgable about all matters in this field. If you can contact me privately, I can put you in touch with him. Friend me and then you can see my contact info and I will help if I can.