Received offer to purchase in 5-6N-3W

Hello. We own some mineral rights in McClain Co. in 5-6N-3W. We received a mailing from a company saying they'd like to purchase them. (No firm offer yet.) These rights have been in the family for decades and nothing at all has happened. It's tempting to sell. But...

- Is there any activity in that area that might make us want to hang onto them?

- Any suggestion as to what price for lease or sale could be expected?

Yes, there is increasing activity in the section with horizontal wells from multiple companies. Many of those offers to buy are just fishing to see if they can offer low amounts to pick up acreage before the drilling starts. I have quite a bit of acreage in that section and I am not selling.

We might have a right to 4-6n-4w this looks awful close to your area. So, I'm assuming we should hold on to them also?

If you are in 6N-4W, definitely hold on.