Received Offer to Buy my interest in Mineral Rights. What is the long term potential?

My Family Trust has a Oil & Gas Lease on 160 Acres in Canadian Co. OK (Mineral Owners Only not Land) at SW/4 Sect 32-11N-10W. I live a long distance from this location, I would love someone to take Picture of this Section and Post to me. My main question is I just received an offer to buy my mineral interest at $2,700.00 per net mineral acre (nma). I was wondering if this is even close to going rate and if not what is a good offer? I would rather just Lease forever but is there any long term potential for Production at this Section. thanks

I have received offers of $5k per acre for my interests in a nearby section. As others on this forum will tell you, an initial unsolicited offer is usually a low one. What company is making the offer?

Route 66 Minerals LP

Rt. 66 offers are generally low. you can actually log into county clerk site, search mineral deeds and calculate sale prices $1.50/$1000 . $30 in deed stamps = $20,000 sale price. Not all deeds state the net mineral acres. Find the ones that do.

Ok good info, thanks

Hi Robert. That offer seems low compared to what I have seen in the area. If you have any interest in selling or are currently looking to lease your interest, please send me a message. The company I work for is currently interested in Canadian County interests.