Received Division Orders from White Star

Received Division Orders from White Star for Abbey 36-23N-05W Garfield county. Everything looks right as far as decimal interest. Is there anything I should look for or add before signing and returning? Am just happy to receive them in average time from first sale. The bankruptcy had me wondering. Any advice would be appreciated

If the numbers are correct and the DO is on the NADOA form with the clause that says it does not alter the lease, then you can sign and send back. I usually send by certified return receipt mail and keep a copy of all correspondence for my files.

How do I know if my division order is on the NADOA form? The division order does state that this order does not amend any lease or operating agreement between the undersigned and the lease or operator or any other contracts for the purchase of oil or gas. But I see nothing with NADOA on anything.

I usually use the NADOA form. (National Association of Division Order Analysts). It is safer to use. Just transfer the data from their form to the NADOA one. I always change the $100 to $25.

0_Division Order Model Blank Form 2017 (1).pdf (118.6 KB)

I send by certified mail return receipt requested and keep a copy of everything. That DO may be important some day.

Thank you so much!! I will download form and transfer information. The division order states that White Star Petroleum may acre proceeds until the total amount equals $25.00, or pay annually, whichever occurs first, or as required by applicable state statute. Again thank you so much your information is greatly appreciated.