Received Division Order 2018, Never Paid

I received a D.O. for the McBride Gas Unit in Leon County, Texas when Sabine bought it From Bell & Kinley in April 2018. I have written Sabine and sent a certified letter last October 2019. On the County appraisal district my interest now is listed under my grandfather-in-law, who last owned it in 1965, and taxes were due in 2018 and 2019. Does Sabine have to respond within 30 days to my certified letter, like it says in the code? They did not. I called a lawyer off of the market place on this site Wednesday, but have not heard back. Is it true that if I file suit and win, my attorney fees will be paid by the producer?

It’s possible that there is some kind of title requirement associated with your account that is causing Sabine to withhold payments to you. It’s common for a company that has purchased a property from another company to issue their own division order for each of the wells involved in the purchase, just to let each owner know who owns the wells now.

I suggest you give Sabine a call and ask to speak to the Division Order Supervisor. The supervisor will be able to direct your inquiry to the proper analyst assigned to the Leon County, TX area. The URL is, where their phone # is listed.

That said, I went out to the Texas Railroad Commission website and downloaded a copy of the P-4 filed by Sabine. It lists the companies that are gathering and purchasing the gas and the condensate (crude produced from a gas well).P-4_McBride Unit_Leon County, TX.pdf (5.7 KB)

Also, I looked at the production records, and this unit has been producing steadily at least since 2017. You can let the Division Order Analyst know that you know that, when you talk to him or her.

Marsha Breazeale

Thank you, Marsha. You are very knowledgeable and helpful and a real asset to the forum.

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