Received an offer to buy mineral rights in McClain county, Oklahoma

I received an offer to purchase mineral rights for Section 8-9N-R4W in McClain County, Oklahoma. I know that I inherited mineral rights in McClain County; but, I do not know about this Section 8-9N-R4W? How do I go about finding out if this was an item that was missed for our probate inventory? In other words, I am trying to find out if I should have inherited this section, too. Regards, Larry

I wouldn't sell, new well being drilled or is being completed in sec.7, leases are at about $900 per acre but, if good well could go up or poor well go down. good luck. Don't sell

Thanks we didn't sell. but we had already lease the mineral rights for only $500/acre. I wish I had known about this mineral rights forum before now.


Larry D. Smith