Received a surprise in the mail - NPRI in Texas

Checked my mail the other day and there was a request from a leasing specialist in Texas to ratify the transfer of lease holdings from Company A to Company B in regards to a “Designation of Pooled Unit” and what was described as my non-participating royalty interest that you own in Section…". It also contained a blank Form W-9 to be completed and returned, inferring future income.

I live in another state and to my knowledge have never owned land in TX, nor did my parents or relatives. However, years ago, I was involved in an O&G Exploration partnership that fizzled - or so I thought. It was so long ago that my recollection is vague and have no idea how to even contact the partners, but it is possible that this is a vestige of that partnership from years back. I did check with the Secretary of State yesterday and did indeed find that the partnership is still listed as “Active”. My relationship with the other partners is pretty much non-existent and reaching out to them would be more than awkward at this point. I’d rather keep it that way for a number of reasons.

What would be the best way to find out how this leasing specialist got my current mailing address other than just asking him? He is sending me a copy of the “Designation of Pooled Unit”. I’m hoping I can find some clue in the DPU that would jog my memory. Could it just be a simple mistake? Should I just sign the ratification and mail it along with the W-9 and wait by the mailbox for my royalty?? What’s the best way to retrace the breadcrumbs back to an event or person that confirms my royalty ownership in the unit??

Don’t see anything to lose in finding out what that leasing specialist will tell you. If that doesn’t help I’d get my hands on the unit designation and do some research before signing the ratification.

The unit designation should include a list with the ownership and possibly the lease recording information for each tract included in the unit, but probably won’t show each mineral interest owner. Some digging in the Pecos County deed records may be required to pin down which leases you were involved in. Sites like or may be useful for that. Index searches are free and viewing documents fairly cheap.

If you are in line for any royalties I’m thinking either the company making the assignment they are asking you to ratify, or the one receiving the assignment, should have a division order in their system with your, or the partnership’s, name on it that you need to get your hands on. If you can pin that down the bigger question might be figuring out the share of the partnership’s interest are you entitled to.

Also, if you’ll post the name of the unit someone should be able to pull up the permit, completion information and production assuming a well in it has reached that point.

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