Received a phone call about my deceased dad's mineral interests?

I do not know if my dad purchased mineral interests. My brother lived in OK for a while and my dad visited, so it is a possibility. It's been a couple of years since my dad died, and the call was quite a while ago. How do I find out if my dad had mineral interests in Logan County, OK?

Thanks, Sharon

The call was on my answering machine. I didn't call back because I thought it might be a scam.

Go to and type in his name. If Logan is not on their files, then go to the Logan County website and hunt for his name there.

Another place to look is in the unclaimed funds for the state.

If you got a call, he most likely has some, so you need to hunt them down. Get your probate records, because you will need them to get a affidavit of heirship or get them probated properly for any name changes for you and your brother.

This will get you started. If you still have it on your answering machine, find out the land company name that called you and call them back. They can at least tell you what section, township and range.

Hi Sharon,

You can contact the Logan County Court Clerk and have them look for probate records. They should be able to tell you if your dad had any mineral interests involved. Have them search your dad's name and approximate years involved in Oklahoma. Here is the contact info:

County Clerk Troy Cole

Logan County Courthouse: 301 E. Harrison, Ste. 102, Guthrie, OK 73044; (405) 282-0266; L Jones

Please note that Oklahoma does not have ad valorem taxes on mineral rights. Therefore, you need to check the County clerk for a record of him as a grantee of a mineral interest or royalty interest. Also, if he had any corporate or trust names. The voice mail may tell you exactly what they found and so if it uses "Charlie Smith" instead of "Charles W. Smith" they likely found it in the records as "Charlie".

I never cease to be amazed why some people use one or more nicknames on legal documents.