Received a letter of interest

I received a letter of interest to purchase mineral interest in o1-19S-25E in Eddy County NM. Is there activity in this area, or how would I find that information? Thanks

If you received a letter, then there probably is activity and you need to get up to speed. I moved your post over to Eddy county where local folks may have more information.

You might try these links

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In section 1 of 19s 25e?

Pretty sure that is covered by old Yeso wells. Operated by Spur. Clydesdale wells? Assuming that is the correct section I’m not sure what else might be going on, but you don’t sound like somebody who is currently in pay on 8 wells either…

My absence of knowledge in Oil & Mineral Rights, leasing or other things related, brings me to first ask: In Eddy County/Carlsbad, NM I was sent a certified letter from SPC Resources and have no idea about the letter or what it said. How do i find out information about the letter? Also in New Mexico/Eddy County how far does a working oil well have to be from our a property in order to receive royalties? This is all new to me, the units are named Caveman. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Do you still have the letter? If it was sent by certified mail, it was important and told you information. If not, then contact SPC Resources immediately and get another copy of it. You will receive royalties if you are properly leased or pooled and your acreage lies within the spacing unit of the wells. Without more information as to location we cannot help specifically.

Can anyone tell me what a good offer would be per NRA on Section 23, Township 21S, Range 26E in Eddy County Your time is very much appreciated


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