Received a letter from Antero

I received a letter yesterday certified mail that stated my mom who passed away this past March owns mineral rights and possibly land in Tyler county WV and they offered me a bonus for five year lease of $500.00 flat fee with 15% royalties. How do I find out if my mom actually owns this or not as this is the first I am hearing about it. She did live in WV as did a lot of her relatives but also in Ohio for a short time. How can I get the information I need and if there is more land or mineral rights. Also how have the taxes being gone paid. Thank you

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You might be able to search the land records online. CSSI

Depending upon the search database (years available) you may find something. Of course it would help if the company provided a proposed lease which will include a legal description. Learn more before signing any lease. Never deliver a lease without a certified check.

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Thank you so much. I appreciate all your help